• yoga योग – application or concentration of the thoughts, abstract contemplation, meditation, (esp.) self-concentration, abstract meditation and mental abstraction practised as a system (as taught by Patañjali and called the yoga philosophy, it is the second of the two Sāṃkhya systems, its chief aim being to teach the means by which the human spirit may attain complete union with Iśvara or the Supreme Spirit in the practice of self-concentration it is closely connected with Buddhism) Up.MBh.Kāv. &c. (cf. IW. 92) – from

Articles on this page can be subsumed under this broad definition of yoga. I may include my thoughts on the practices of yogasanas of various Hatha Yoga traditions, however, I see this physical practice as only one of many techniques that can be practiced with the goal of controlling the senses so that one can become aware of the nature of Self.

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Purushartha and Hindu Philosophies

In the article, “Morality and Moral Development: Traditional Hindu Concepts.”, authors C. Srivastava, Dhingra, Bhardwaj, and A. Srivastava address the issue of moral development and a perceived moral decline that could be remedied by adherence to principles advanced in Vedanta, or, core teachings in ancient Hindu philosophical literature.[1] The authors compare concepts of morality found…

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